BLACK Energy – Pre-Workout Extreme Coffee

$29.00 $23.00

Enhanced Coffee for Pre-Workout before going to the gym!

BLACK Energy – Pre-Workout Extreme Coffee

(22 customer reviews)

$29.00 $23.00

Need that intense KICK right before your workout via Coffee?

BLACK Energy is the first Arabica Coffee formulated with

Caffeine, Guarana, Taurine & L-Arginine

to wake you up and conquer those SKULL-CRUSHING sets at the bench!

Singapore’s Top HALAL Sports Performance Coffee powered by TAURINE


  • – Increase Focus & Energy
  • – Boost Athletic Endurance
  • – Reduce Fatigue

Best Pre Workout in Singapore!

Arabica Coffee boosted with 2000mg TAURINE per serving to instantly fuel up energy

Nutrition Facts:

  • Energy 135 kcal
  • Caffeine 120mg
  • Taurine 2000mg
  • Low Sugar
  • Also fortified with added Guarana Extract to burn fats and minimise physical & tension
  • Plus additional mix with L-Arginine to promote endurance and blood circulation

A must for serious coffee lovers for that extra kick!

Take 1x serving each morning or 30mins before workout


20 Servings 400g per tub

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3 weeks ago
Amir Johar Trioano
(verified owner)

This is my first time trying on this. Im normally not into pre workout thingy but since its from HNS, I would wanna try it.

4 weeks ago
(verified owner)

This product is good it because I love coffee ,would to recommend to everyone.

4 weeks ago
Mohamed Nazir
(verified owner)

This is my favorite perk-me-up for every morning when I have an intense morning session. True to its words, this stuff is legit. Focus, Intense, Endurance, everything you need for an intense workout session.

4 weeks ago
Ian Y.
(verified owner)

Its give me energy and keep me awake and active during my working hours.

2 months ago
(verified owner)

Product is great

2 months ago
(verified owner)

Permits a person like me who’s lactose-intolerant to be able to enjoy such drink in the morning. A perfect boost to start my day - before workout or even before going to the office!

2 months ago
Azmi R.
(verified owner)

Superb taste for coffee lovers! Definitely feel that extra pump after 30mins consuming this!

22 reviews for BLACK Energy – Pre-Workout Extreme Coffee

Based on 22 reviews
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  1. Muhammad Faris Azlan (verified owner)

    It would be great to have other flavors

  2. Rasyid Sulaiman (verified owner)

    As a coffee lover. Definately the taste is marvellous. Consume it with warm water. Definitely reduce fatiques. But not much of a extra boost for workout. 👍🏻

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ok. Taste a bit of coffee. I’m still experimenting with the amount of water to add. A bit of a trade off if you’re a coffee lover I guess.

  4. Rizan A. (verified owner)

    I’m using this as my perk up morning buzz. It didn’t crash so much but not enough to be a pre workout hence the rating 4.
    But definitely it makes a good strong coffee for a morning cup.

  5. Zuhri MOOJIMMY (verified owner)

    Product is great

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