5 Main Reasons That Prevents You From Gaining Muscles in Singapore

Have you ever before felt that despite doing all the appropriate things at the gym (hello Clubfitt friends!!) , after a little success initially, that the muscle muscle growth seems to be slowing down? If yes, then you are probably getting some IMPORTANT points wrong.

To identify the ‘blind-spots’ of gyming and nutrition, read this guide all the way to the end to ensure that you not only remedy your existing mistakes, however also prevent the same mistakes in the future.

Here we go, baris sedia!

1. Stop doing the same number of REPS again and again.

If you ask different gym gurus about what the ideal rep-range is to gain muscles, most would say that  5-8 repetitions are the best to build muscle in Singapore. Guess what? Sticking to the same rep  really not the best way to make furhter gains, especially after you have been working out for more than a year.

And due to your plateau in gym performance, it is best to change to 3 different rep-ranges: low, medium, and high. Start with  low rep-range, spend 3-4 weeks working on each level.

  • Low rep-range (3-4 reps): For HARDCORE heavy weights that make your whole body shiver… in excitement. A must do nevertheless!

  • Medium rep-range (6-8 reps): Functions as a bridge while transitioning from the low rep-range to the high rep-range.

  • High rep-range (12-15 reps): Vascularity and endurance for conditioning em muscles!

2. Overtraining your Muscles

Overtraining is actually not-so-good and more jialat than good. When your goal is to build muscles, and not to go skinny, you have to eat much much more. Cardio with low heart rate helps but its the other way round if youre panting for air running super fast non stop. If you work out a lot or spend a lot of time doing cardio, you will lose the caloric surplus that you need to bulk and shape up your muscles.

3. DO NOT Skip the Compulsory Extra 500 Calories.

Most people who start out with a muscle building plan believe that they need to only eat protein to rack up muscular tissues. While it’s true that healthy proteins are essential, considering that they are made up of amino acids which are the foundation of life, overlooking carbohydrates as well as fat is not suggested. Carbs offer energy to the body that is called for to aid mass up muscular tissue mass, while fats are accountable for testosterone as well as other growth-related hormonal agents.

So, in spite of putting your best shots in the gym, think about adding 500 calories to your diet plan, and if you still don’t see much development after a couple of weeks, include one more 500 calories.

The best and easiest way to add 500 calories and to just add more scoops of Titan Whey protein isolate to your daily meals.

2 scoops in the morning is already 120KCals x 2 = 240KCals. Another 2 scoops after eating iron in the gym on the bench press is another 240KCals. Thats easily 480 Calories!

Singapore's Top Halal Whey Protein to build muscles and lose weight at the same time!

4. Yes to Barbells & Dumbells, NO to Machines

Many people believe that repping it out on the latest sleek-looking machine in the gym will aid them develop muscular tissue quickly, but its actually not the best in terms of activating as many muscle fibres as compared to Barbells and Dumbells. Just look at all the muscular ripped guys in the gym. They are probably whacking the barbells with bench presses and squats than to stay at the chest press machine..

Barbells and Dumbells are waayyyyyy better at boosting more muscle fibers, as well as likewise activate muscular tissues that will certainly allow you to raise much heavier weights. Additionally, considering that they have a complimentary range of activity, the danger of injury is reduced when you utilize exercising weights.

If you still DIE-DIE want to use machines in the gym, use them at the end of your workouts.

1 Hour of Workout is ONLY 4% of the Day. NO EXCUSES!

5. Not CONSISTENT in your Gym Regime

Being inconsistent is the most significant point you can do to prevent muscle wastage. If you are inconsistent, the progression + the hard workouts + the time spent eating the right meals + those countless scoops of Titan Whey … certainly be lost in that instant if you miss just a week of training.

Stick to any fitness regime for 16 weeks ideally and you will see results!

Now go out there and make some gains!!!

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